Saturday, December 12, 2009

DD, MM, LL, and Log - Dec 7th to 13th, 2009

DD- Daily Dozen - A dozen things I'm grateful for, not in any particular order
  • korean "Honey citron tea" which I tried for the first time and fall in love
  • my brother who started his own business
  • new car (Honda HRV, stick shift)
  • being healthy (I usually catch cold during winter)
  • playing basketball with the guys
  • my slippers (gift from last year's Bday)
  • all the new albums (Alicia keys, Chris Brown, Timbaland, 2012)
  • naruto shipuuden new episode every week
  • invited to MC events
  • Casting pods with Mergen and Bobby
  • new interview section of my tv show
  • my family
MM- Magic Moments - The highlights of my day
  • made it to top 8 short listed candidates from Global Redesign Initiative: Town Hall Meeting
  • Sean and Lisa's first dance at their wedding
  • Mobicom announced we get to talk to our colleagues for free
LL- Lessons Learned - Learning from my mistakes
  • didn't get to go to London although my friends brother was in the decision making panel, didn't choose to go that way felt good afterwards
  • be prepared for obvious questions in interviews, caught me off guard
  • mc-ing a wedding is not that hard once people start to drink
  • started to work on a short film dedicated to MicroFinance development in Mongolia
  • red "In a imaginary room" by L.Ulziitogs
  • attended club meeting on wednesday
  • interviewed Maadai from Har sarnai

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Чи намайг ариун гэж хэлсэн
Чи хэлсэн учраас би ариун
Чи намайг яруу гэж хэлсэн
Чи хэлсэн учраас би яруу
Чи намайг үзэсгэлэнтэй гэсэн
Чи хэлсэн учраас би үзэсгэлэнтэй
Чи намайг төгс гэж хэлсэн
Чи л хэлсэн учраас би төгс

Хамгаас илүү,
хамгаас онцгойдоо би одоо итгэнэ
Хавраас илүү,
Намраас илүү төрсөндөө ч итгэнэ
Үзэсгэлэнтэй, яруу, ариун, төгс
Бүхий л сайн сайхныг орхиод гэвч
Үүрд яваад өгсөнд чинь л харин итгэхгүй


Энэхүү шүлэг таньд таалагдсан бол зохиогчийн "Төсөөллийн өрөөнд шинэ номыг худаалдан авахаа бүү мартуузай