Thursday, June 23, 2011

Миний үзэгддэг клипнүүд

Цэцэ - Хөгжим дууны клип. @ 3:26 Метрополис клуб 

Dash Berlin - Never cry again @ 1.21 Mass клуб /Notice the same long sleeves, I should call it my music video friendly shirt/ 


Харин хамгийн сүүлд Vanquish хамтлагийн Fortuna дууны клип дээр үзэгджээ. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Deal with strong negative emotion

Beyond reason - Using emotions as you negotiate 

Deal with strong negative emotion 

  • Take a break. Pull out this post. 
  • Get some distance. 

Count to ten. 

Take a few deep breaths; focus on your breathing. 

Ask yourself: How important is this issue to me? 

  • Think what triggered your emotions and theirs.

Feeling unappreciate? 


Impinhed in autonomy? 

Belittled in status?

Unfulfilled in a role? 

Stimulate helpful emotions 


Listen. Find merit. Show it. 


Look for ways to connect. 

("How are the kids?")

Face the problem together.

("Looks like we have a shared problem.")

3. Respect AUTONOMY. 

Always Consult Before Deciding (ACBD)

4. Acknowledge STATUS 

Respect their experience and expertise. 

5. Help make their ROLE fulfilling. 

Ask for their advice.